Surviving the Chaos of Change

January 26, 2022  2:00 pm EST/11 am PST


Projects, by nature, are a unique endeavor that often result in a change of some kind. In addition, our work environments are constantly changing. When the changes are not introduced or handled well, people will resist, making the change more disruptive than it needs to be. If this resistance is not managed properly, it can undermine project or operational success.

This session discusses people’s reactions to change and how to navigate and manage those changes well. It also includes a one-page handout for easy reference after the session. After this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify the reactions to change, including four levels of resistance and the time, influence, and support associated with each level of resistance.
  • Understand what motivates people to accept the change (or not) and become a powerful proponent for it.
  • Develop strategies to overcome each level of resistance so you (and your organization) can survive and thrive!
Your Presenter:
Vicki Wrona, PMP, MBA

Vicki Wrona, PMP, is the founder and President of Forward Momentum, LLC, a woman-owned small business (WOSB) specializing in project management and instructional design services since 2000. She has 20+ years of leadership and project management experience in private and public sectors. She has physically worked on 5 continents and virtually on all 7 helping organizations streamline their processes, establish or improve a PMO, get troubled projects back on track, or move their teams to more flexible, agile processes. Her passion is equipping individuals and organizations with practical knowledge and tools so that results – and bottom-line impact – are consistently achieved.