PMTA Monthly Webinar Application

PMTA hosts a monthly one hour webinar. Why?

  • Provide a quality educational experience to the broader project management practitioner community.
  • Demonstrate the quality and value of PMTA members and therefore improve the reputation of PMTA among the PM practitioner community.
  • Promote PMTA and individual PMTA members to the project management practitioner community.
  • PMTA members have a valuable, free offer to their followers every month.

Schedule: Webinars will take place monthly, the second Wednesday of the month, at 11am PST | 1pm CST | 2pm EST.

Platform: Zoom webinars. This product will take registrations and facilitate automated interaction before and after the event.

Grow Your Mailing List: PMTA will share the registration list for your webinar with you.

Recording: The webinar will be recorded and saved for at least sixty days.

Application Approval: A PMTA Webinar Committee will review your application and respond. If you are not invited to present a webinar the committee will explain why.

Audience Engagement Activities: Selected webinars must demonstrate their audience engagement activities to the PMTA Webinar Committee and may receive some coaching on methods to increase interaction during the webinar.

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