Webinar Marketing Resources


It is time to start promoting the monthly PMTA webinars! This email provides some tips on how to easily put the word out to your network.

Remember, when you promote a PMTA webinar you are promoting yourself!! Raising the visibility  of PMTA increases the value of your PMTA CTP.

  1. Go to https://www.pmtrainingalliance.org/webinars/ to see all scheduled webinars.
    1. I recommend promoting this page to your network as “PMTA’s Monthly Complimentary Webinars.”
    2. Link directly to this page in your newsletter and in LinkedIn. We want people to go to the PMTA website and register from there.
    3. Suggested LinkedIn message: Keep your PMP up to date with free webinars from the Project Management Training Alliance. PMTA members represent the best in the project management training industry. Their monthly webinars are engaging and focus on practical take-aways.
    4. Post a version of this message at least once per month.
  2. We use the word Complimentary rather than Free in the subject line because ‘free’ tends to get stuck more often in email filters.
  3. Free PDUs are a huge draw. Mention the PDUs in the body of the newsletter, too.
    • Include the PMTA and PMTA CTP logos in your newsletter (see thumbnails below). 
    • You can also use the PMTAWebinarPromoImage.png in your newsletter (see thumbnail below).
    • LinkedIn: Kim Whitford of Tarka Consulting has provided a cool mp4 for use in LinkedIn posts.
  1. Kim prepared some instructions for posting. These instructions and the mp4 are below.
  2. Kim has some recommended language for your LinkedIn post as well. See Titanic webinar word file below to see how it is done. 
  3. Make at least one post for each webinar. Like other PMTA member’s posts or comment on them to generate momentum.

This is an exciting way to gain exposure for PMTA. It will make PMTA membership more valuable. And it only works if we all pull together!

P.S. Submit your application to deliver a PMTA webinar!


2021 October Verzuh MP4 Webinar

<==This is the MP4 to promote the October 2021 webinar by Eric Verzuh (right click to download, left click to play)

Evolving PM Skills

Right click on the text to save and download or left click to launch. This is an MP4 advertising the September 2021 webinar.


Right click on image to the left to save and download.

PMTA_Webinar Marketing Social Media Process

These are instructions for how to promote the upcoming webinar on LinkedIn using an MP4 file. The example used is for the Titanic webinar but you can utilize with any MP4.

 LEFT click to select and download.

PMTA logo. Right click to download.

This is a PNG file that can be used in your newsletters. Right click to save and download.

Titanic MP4

This is the MP4 used to promote the August 2021 Titanic webinar. Right-click to save and download.