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    Lyn Heaton

    Per the PMI website

    “You can now purchase PMI books, standards, and guides through our partner, Independent Publishers Group (IPG), and other resellers like Amazon and Eurospan.
    Even though we are no longer selling books on our website, all PMI titles are only a click away.”

    This was news to me. How long has this being going on?


    Another part of . . . the “new PMI.”
    Just started.

    Lyn Heaton

    I dug a little more on the PMI site. That statement is kind of incorrect. PMI’s publishing company is selling the PMBOK and you can get a 50% discount if you buy there and use the right discount code. But it is not easy to figure out. The PMBOK bundle is 49.50 before tax & shipping.


    Hello, Lyn:
    Please put that “PMBOK Guide bundle” discount code . .. and how to find it . . . in this Post thread . . . or email it to me at
    Thank you,


    Lyn – I was surprised when I went to order some PMBOKs for a customer in August or Sept last year and the PMI Bookstore was closed. It was news to me.

    Lyn Heaton

    1. Log into PMI (you have to be a member to get the discount)
    2. — navigate to this page
    3. scroll down – there are several codes — this one is for North America: PMBK50PCT
    4. scroll to the bottom of the page for the purchase button and apply the code

    I tried the code and the price came up at $49 something. Just didn’t really buy it.

    Eric Verzuh

    Thanks, Lyn.
    Really helpful.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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