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    From Dr. Michael Clayton

    Domain II: Process
    This domain covers the Technical aspects of project management (as does the Technical Project Management dimension of the Talent Triangle). It does not drop directly onto the PMBOK guide, but an inspection allows us to map relationships. We’ll do so in both directions.

    Mapping the PMBOK Guide onto the PMP ECO
    PMP ECO Process Domain Task PMBOK Chapter
    Task 1: Execute project with the urgency required to deliver business value Chapter 1, 2
    Task 2: Manage communications Chapter 10
    Task 3: Assess and manage risks Chapter 11
    Task 4: Engage Stakeholders Chapter 13
    Task 5: Plan and manage budget and resources Chapter 7, 9
    Task 6: Plan and manage schedule Chapter 6
    Task 7: Plan and manage quality of products/deliverables Chapter 8
    Task 8: Plan and manage scope Chapter 5
    Task 9: Integrate project planning activities Chapter 4
    Task 10: Manage project changes Chapter 4, 5
    Task 11 Plan and manage procurement Chapter 12
    Task 12: Manage project artefacts Chapter 4, 5, 8
    Task 13: Determine appropriate project methodology/methods and practices Chapter 1
    + Agile Practice Guide
    Task 14: Establish project governance Largely missing from the PMBOK Guide 6th Ed
    Task 15 Manage Project Issues Largely missing from the PMBOK Guide 6th Ed
    Task 16: Ensure knowledge transfer for project continuity Largely missing from the PMBOK Guide
    Task 17: Plan and manage project/phase closure or transitions Part 2 Chapter 6
    Phase closure largely missing from the PMBOK Guide
    Mapping the PMP ECO onto the PMBOK Guide
    PMBOK Guide 6th Edition Chapter PMP ECO Process Domain Task
    1. Introduction Task 13, 15
    2. The Environment in which Projects Operate Task 15
    3. The Role of the Project Manager
    4. Project Integration Management Task 9, 10, 12
    5. Project Scope Management Task 8, 10, 12
    6. Project Schedule Management Task 6
    7. Project Cost Management Task 5
    8. Project Quality Management Task 7, 12
    9. Project Resource Management Task 5
    10. Project Communications Management Task 2
    11. Project Risk Management Task 3
    12. Project Procurement Management Task 11
    13. Project Stakeholder Management Task 4
    To me, this suggests that the authors of the PMP ECO wanted to assert their independence from the PMBOK Guide. The PMBOK Guide has never been a syllabus or sole sourcebook for the PMP examination (as it is for CAPM). But, there is enough mapping here to have allowed them to bring them more closely in line – even if only by choosing a different sequence, to match the PMBOK chapter order.

    This seems nothing less than perverse! It’s clearly a deliberate choice to keep the PMP examination very different from the PMBOK Guide.

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