Part-time Marketing Professional Needed

The Project Management Training Alliance (PMTA) is a non-profit association for professionals working in the project management training field. Founded in 2020, we support each other through ongoing discussions about industry trends, best practices, and networking.

We want to increase membership because the benefits of networking and sharing information increase with the size of the group.

PMTA is hiring a part-time marketing professional who will help us reach our goal of increasing membership by 34% paying members by the end of 2022, and an additional 67% paying members by the end of 2023. The duties of this marketing role will include developing a strategy for recruiting new members and retaining members year-over-year AND executing the strategy once it is approved by the PMTA Board.

Skills required include the ability to draft a marketing strategy, create and manage a social media marketing campaign, search engine optimization, tracking the appropriate metrics for SEO, and general internet/digital marketing. Special consideration will be given to those with a background in marketing to non-profits. Priority will be given to US and Canadian candidates.

The budget for this position is $6000 per year at $500 per month.

Additional background information:

  • Members of PMTA come from the U.S. and Canada.
  • PMTA activities include:
    • A monthly Community of Practice discussion on Project Management Institute certifications.
    • A monthly Community of Practice discussion on Growing Your Business.
    • A monthly all-member discussion devoted to a specific topic of interest selected by members.
    • A monthly general update and open discussion.
    • A monthly webinar produced and delivered by PMTA on a project management topic which is promoted to project management practitioners in order to develop recognition of the PMTA and associated Certified Training Professional designation.
  • Benefits of membership in PMTA:
    • Networking that builds professional relationships with peers.
    • Increased revenue for members through doing business with other members.
    • Promoting our businesses outside PMTA through the monthly webinar.
    • Sharing ideas for building our businesses.
    • Hiring expert trainers that we meet through PMTA.
    • Expanding our product lines/course offerings through PMTA member partnerships.
    • Improving our course delivery practices by sharing our own expertise.
    • Keeping up to date on the project management industry, particularly on the industry certification exams offered by the Project Management Institute (PMP, CAPM, ACP).
    • Being a PMTA Certified Training Professional adds to a member’s professional standing.
    • PMTA members share specific expertise, such as ADA issues in training

The first assignment will be to create and present a marketing strategy that you can implement and maintain.

To apply, please send a cover letter, brief CV/bio, and answers to the following questions to  

  1. Describe any experience and recommendations geared towards finding customers of non-profits, knowing you are working within the constraints of a modest, fixed budget.
  2. Describe your recent experience with similar projects.
  3. How do you use metrics to inform your strategy?
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Post Author: Joanne Greene-Blose