Project Management is a Natural Partner of an Entrepreneurial Endeavor

Event Date/Time: May 11, 2022, 2:00 pm EST/11 am PST

Everybody at one time or another dreams about starting a business.  The sad fact is that 22 percent of Small Businesses fail in their first year and by the end of the fifth year as many as two-thirds will fail. The natural partner for a successful startup venture is a formal Project Management Program with its focused processes, tools, and techniques.

Begin building a strong business plan using the Identify Stakeholders process where we identify our potential customers and the Collect Requirements process where we determine what those customers are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on.  This helps us jump that first big hurdle in a business where we recognize that what “we” think doesn’t matter, it is the customer’s needs and wants that sell product.

The Risk Management processes lower the risk of our venture and as a result, lower the cost of our capital and increase our profit. In this webinar, we’ll explore how the application of these and other Project Management Processes help us defy the odds and nurture a healthy business well beyond that five-year milestone.

As a result of attending this webinar,
participants will be able to

  1. Identify those Stakeholders who are potential customers so that we can engage them and determine their needs.
  2. Apply the Marketing Techniques embodied in the Collect Requirements process to engage your customers and determine what they want and need from their suppliers.
  3. Apply proven Risk Management techniques to your entrepreneurial endeavor to enhance your ability to soar successfully past that dreaded five-year failure milestone.
Your Presenter:
William Flanagan, PMP, PMI-RMP, PE

Bill Flanagan has been a leader of people and projects for forty-seven years. He has served for fourteen years as a volunteer Executive in the High Tech Entrepreneurship Course at North Carolina State University where he coached graduate students in starting new businesses with cutting-edge technology.  

In his early career, Bill served as a US Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer followed by twenty-six years in the Electric Power Industry in both business management and major nuclear plant upgrade and improvement projects. Today Bill is a Senior Instructor for Knowledge Source Inc and the North Carolina Project Management Institute (NCPMI) where he has taught Project Management and Risk Management classes for the last 15 years He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from North Carolina State University.  He is a Professional Engineer in the State of North Carolina and holds a PMP and a PMI-RMP Certification.

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